Setup Mail Server in Windows using hMailServer

Sometimes network/web application developer need a local mail server to test their application. There are some mail server applications that can be used in Windows. One of simple mail server for Windows is hMailServer. You can download hMailServer here. It can work in Windows 8. Another preparation before you run this mail server you should install database server. It can be a Microsoft SQL, MySql, or PostgreSql server.

These are some steps to setup hMailServer for local mail server.

1. Run the installer. On installation process, you will be asked for a password for Administrator account.

2. Before run the mail server you should setup the database for hMailServer.

3. Next is mail server configuration. Run hMailAdmin.exe. Connect as Administrator.

4. Add a domain. Go to domain directory, in "General" tab, input domain name.

5. Add account in the domain. Go to user account directory, in "General" tab, input username and password.

6. Setup local host name for SMTP server. Go to SMTP protocol directory, in "Delivery of Email", input local host name.

7.  Unchecked Auto-ban option.

8. Setup SMTP, POP3, and IMAP address. Go to TCP/IP port directory, input as TCP/IP address.

9. On Windows, add some entries into hosts file. This file is located in "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc". You should edit this file using application other than notepad because it will cause permission problem when you want to save the changes. I use notepad++ so the changes can be saved.

For testing you can use any mail application such as Microsoft Outlook. These are steps how configure Microsoft Outlook to use local email account.

1. Go to file, then add accunt.

2. Fill user account information.

3. Then Ms Outlook will try to connect automatically. There may be an error but just choose "Next" to try unencrypted connection.

4. In Ms Outlook you will get test message from Ms Outlook.

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