Installing Ubuntu alongside Windows

In this case, you have a computer that has been installed by Windows first and you want add Ubuntu on it. You can use CD from Ubuntu site or the easier way is use bootable USB that can be made by some applications. You can see explanation to make bootable USB flash drive from this postAfter you have bootable USB flash drive you can run these steps.

1.       Restart your computer, get into boot menu, and change the first boot location to USB. Some computers can get into boot menu directly by press ‘F12’ or other keys like a picture below.
But some need get into BIOS first and change the hierarchy of booting.

2.       Follow the step of installation.

3.       When you are in the step like picture below, you can choose ‘Install Ubuntu alongside Windows’.

After that you specify the size of the new partition by dragging the slider at the bottom of the window.

If you have had older version Ubuntu in your machine, you can choose ‘Upgrade Ubuntu’.
If you want more advanced option of partition, you can choose ‘Something Else’. Below is a picture of disk partition of my machine where Ubuntu have been installed already. ‘Ext4’ and ‘swap’ are type of device partition that contains Ubuntu.

     4.       After that, follow all the steps.

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