Update GRUB List Order

After you installed Ubuntu alongside Windows in your computer, now you should change the highlighted text when you want boot into Windows because after Ubuntu installation the default operating system will be Ubuntu, like the picture below.

There are two ways for updating GRUB list order in Ubuntu. I try it in Ubuntu 12.04 and I think it also can be done in nearest older version before it. First is by changing the name of the file in “/etc/grub.d/” and second is by changing the default value in “etc/default/grub”. First way is to change the first text in the list become Windows. Second way is to change default highlighted text into Windows (the last text). You should choose one of the ways, the first or the second way.

Installing Ubuntu alongside Windows

In this case, you have a computer that has been installed by Windows first and you want add Ubuntu on it. You can use CD from Ubuntu site or the easier way is use bootable USB that can be made by some applications. You can see explanation to make bootable USB flash drive from this postAfter you have bootable USB flash drive you can run these steps.

1.       Restart your computer, get into boot menu, and change the first boot location to USB. Some computers can get into boot menu directly by press ‘F12’ or other keys like a picture below.

Create Bootable USB Flash Drive

There are some applications to do it in Windows or other operating systems. If we refer  from offical website of Ubuntu (, they give us information to use Universal USB Installer from  Another application that we can use is UnetBootin. There are Linux and Windows version for both applications.

First way, how to use Universal USB Installer from
1.       Download this application from
2.       After download was complete. Open the application by double- click it.